Supreme Blend Tea Packs Terra Incognita

In Greece, a country blessed by nature, Terra Incognita has chosen the best herbs the Greek countryside has to offer, creating the most exceptional and active blends, based on centuries-old knowhow and the experience of several generations. Our philosophy is to utilize the gifts of nature in the best way possible for the improvement of our physical, mental and energy state.

We designed 12 different herbal blends – not by accident, since in ancient times the number 12 was the basis of the dominant numerical system, and has remained as a supplement to decimals even nowadays. Each herbal blend is associated with a color, after which it is named, as well as an energy stone in the corresponding color. Each color generates distinct vibrations and frequency transfer, thus allowing the therapeutic utilization of universal energy.

The Terra Incognita scientific research team has created a unique herbal blend for each color, resulting in 12 exceptionally delicious beverages that retain the special healing and beneficial properties of a total of 36 indigenous plants and herbs.



In addition to the color, each blend is also combined with an energy stone of the same color that harmonizes the forces of the universe, the earth, and humans. Stones have been known since ancient times as therapeutic tools that bring peace and balance to people’s hectic lifestyle, providing deeper understanding and insight. The combination of colors, herbs and energy stones has led to the creation of 12 unique products. At Terra Incognita, we are proud to have created 12 different “keys” that unlock multiple human capabilities providing not only their beneficial effects, but also delicious flavorful enjoyment!



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